The product   is constantly updated due to the development of technology, and the   parameters, pictures, model features, etc. are subject to change without   prior notice.

Product features

1.Turbocharged engine, high horsepower, low fuel consumption, sufficient power reserve, easier harvesting;

2.The widened short distance conveying box makes the crop conveying more smooth;

3.Equipped with reverse header and  conveying  device, it can reduce the time of clearing blockage under extreme conditions;

4.The cleaning device is composed of  adjustable double-layer vibrating upper sieve + fan + re-thresher cylinder, with higher cleanliness and comprehensive upgrading of cleaning capacity;

5.The longitudinal axial-flow threshing drum  has stronger processing capacity, lower loss rate and effectively reduces blockage,

6.Equipped with 1200L large grain tank, it can effectively save operation cost and improve efficiency;

7.Equipped with 270 degree spherical rotation 4 meters long grain unloading barrel, greatly improve the grain unloading efficiency.

8.Using the seventh generation threshing technology, the length is 2020 mm, the threshing capacity is greatly improved, and the threshing is more thorough;

9.Eight reinforced chassis, strong bearing capacity, better passing performance; The higher the underframe, the stronger the trafficability of silt field;

10.The auger of the machine is made of high strength material and heat treatment process, which has long service life;

11.It can be equipped with stubble cutter, which can cut the stubble efficiently and thoroughly, and can be returned to the field after one rotary tillage; Realize the segmented harvesting, reduce the load of the harvester, and greatly improve the operation efficiency.

12.Corn and rape harvesting devices are optional to realize multi-purpose of one machine;

13.It can be equipped with stalk chopping device to realize stalk returning to field;

14.New speed regulating reel can be selected to improve the effect of different crops harvesting. It is not easy to wrap grass, has strong harvesting lodging ability, and greatly improves the effect of threshing;

15.It can be equipped with a beautiful cab to greatly improve the working environment.