Product Features

1.Strong power, turbocharged state III engine, sufficient power reserve, easier operation.

2.The cloud console has wider vision and is more conducive to observe the field situation and operation effect.

3.Using hydraulic control system, hydraulic infinitely variable speeds device, walking, steering control more, smooth, more comfortable

4.One lever control, rotary tiller up &down, machine left& right turning is completed by one lever , easy to operate.

5.90mm * 51 * 400 / 450 crawler is adopted, with low grounding pressure, which is more conducive to paddy field operation.

6.Dual purpose rotary harrow is adopted. It can reduce the cost of purchasing machine, improve the utilization rate of machines and tools, and increase the income.

7.Four groups of asymmetric rotary blades were used to improve the effect of rotary tillage and operation efficiency.

8.It can be equipped with automatic balance lifting system to improve operation efficiency and ground flatness.

9.Fertilizer accessories can be selected to improve the integration of machines and tools, reduce operation links, improve work efficiency and reduce production costs.

10.Grain transportation, ridging, ditching and other implements are optional to achieve a machine for multiple purposes.